About Us

GBMODY's inception was centered on a mission. Our aim was never to be the most frequented website or the fastest. Instead, we aspired to create an intimate corner of the internet, full of captivating content and where everyone would feel welcome.

Can you believe it? As youthful enthusiasts, we started from scratch, dedicating time, effort, and financial resources into developing this shared platform not just for you, but also for us.

In Pursuit of Fun Our primary objective at GBMODY is fun. We ensure that our posts are always imbued with elements of fun and humor. If, during your visit, you come across any content that is negative or offensive, we encourage you to report it to us. We eagerly anticipate your comments and feedback, promising that your voice will be acknowledged.

Creativity, Simplicity, and Mindfulness As you'll notice, GBMODY keeps things simple in terms of the interface. Our aim is to present you with the most relevant information as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, we adhere to the following principles:

  • The information provided must be genuine
  • Content should directly address the issue, avoiding superfluity
  • We prioritize a focused presentation that enhances content
  • We maintain speed as our top priority

Inviting New Members Since our foundation, the GBMODY team has consisted of 4-5 members. However, we realize that to accomplish our mission of creating an open and private space, we need input from the community. We heartily welcome anyone with a passion for writing and technology to contribute to GBMODY's growth. With us, you'll have the freedom to express your unique personality in the most relaxed manner. There will be no requirement to follow traditional structures or styles.

We encourage you to be authentically you, that's our aim.

Just the Start We understand the challenges involved in maintaining and growing a website. However, this is just the beginning. We anticipate that the journey may have its share of hardships (as we well know), but any praise, like "your interface is pretty," or even a simple comment, provides us with the motivation to carry on.

Wow! That was a lot to read. Did you manage to get to the end without feeling tired?

Please communicate in English.