Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk v4.5.116 All Birds Unlocked

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk V4.5.116 All Birds Unlocked
Name Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk
Publisher Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Genre arcade
Version Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 69 MB
Requires 4.4 and up
Total installs 100,000,000+
Rated Years 7+
Price FREE
Get it On Google Play Store
Updated On October 01, 2022
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You must have seen zombie movies in your childhood or even during your adulthood. These movies are very exciting to watch because of the whole story line and the fighting scenes. We all know that zombies are a fictional creature but still they are one of the most popular ones. 

There are different zombie related games on the Internet but one thing is common in only these games that the player is the saviour. We wanted to create something different because users get bored by playing the game with the same storyline. That’s why we have created an awesome application called zombie tsunami mod apk. In this game, the role of the player will be completely different as you will be the destructor in the game instead of the saviour. Your character will be negative and you will get to do all the evil acts. So, download this amazing application right now and unleash your inner zombie.

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk

Download Zombie Tsunami Apk

Your character will be of light green colour and it will be a small zombie creature which will be very appealing. Your aim in the game is the same as you watch in movies. You have to bite the human beings to turn them into zombies. You have to kill as many people as you can so that they can also become zombies. In this way, the number of zombies in the game will increase which will be very advantageous for you. You can infect as many people as you can by biting them. There are no restrictions and you are free to do anything. You can also make use of a bird and this will help you to turn a lot more people into zombies. Your level and rank in the game will increase and you will be provided with a lot of rewards. So, download zombies tsunami mod apk right now and recommend this game to your friends as well.

Download Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk

There are some paid features in the standard version of the application and you cannot use them unless you paid a specific amount. That’s why we have created a modified version of the application which is basically a hacked version of the game where you can easily unlock all the premium and advanced features without spending money. You can download this version from our website. You will find limitless zombies to help you to kill people and turn them into zombies. The bird that will be helping you to turn the human beings into zombies will also be increased. You can also customise the colour of your character in the game. The control buttons will also be very fast and the optimization is very impressive in this version. Thus, download this upgraded version of the game right now and use all these awesome features.

Zombie Tsunami


Negative character

Unlike the other games, you will be playing a negative character by becoming the most dangerous zombie.

Bite Human Beings

Your main task in the game is to bite all the human beings by using your powers.

Zombie Tsunami

Turn humans into zombies

After biting a human being, they will also turn into zombies and this will be advantageous for you in the game.

A bird to help

A zombie bird in the game will help you to infect human beings to make them zombies.

Customise the colour of character

The premium version of this application will provide you with different types of colours so that you can customise your character .

Zombie Tsunami

Unlimited zombies

There are unlimited zombies to help you in the game within the premium version.

Exciting rewards

We will provide you with exciting rewards and gems in the modified version of the game.

Everything is unlocked

If you want to unlock everything then you have to download the premium version of this app because the advanced features will be unlocked in this version.

Zombie Tsunami


If you want to play the character of zombies where you will get the chance to bite human beings and turn them into zombies. Then you should definitely download this application because it is not like the other zombie games where you are the saviour of other people. You will get the chance to be the destructor in the game rather than saving lives of the people. You can bite many human beings to turn them into zombies. Hence, download this game right now and become the most powerful zombie.


Can I download zombie tsunami mod apk on my average android device?

You can download this game on your standard android device because this application supports the average devices as well.

How can I unlock the premium levels in zombie tsunami mod apk?

To unlock the premium levels of the game, you have to download the modified version of this application from our website.

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