Zombie Hunter MOD APK v1.49.1 (Unlimited Everything)

Zombie Hunter MOD APK V1.49.1 (Unlimited Everything)
Name Zombie Hunter MOD APK
Genre action
Version v1.49.1
MOD Features Menu/God Mode, Money
Size 137 MB
Requires 4.4 and up
Total installs 10,000,000+
Rated Years Rated for 16+
Price FREE
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Updated On October 07, 2022

Most of the Zombie games have the slow and weak zombies that can be killed just by one hit and these zombies also do not pose you any threat instead of biting you.

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There are so many Zombie games and Zombie movies in the market and all of them have some different abilities and categories that attract the people. Most of the Zombie games have the slow and weak zombies that can be killed just by one hit and these zombies also do not pose you any threat instead of biting you. But if you want to have some serious battles with Zombies then you can go for the game called Zombie Hunter.

It is a game that is very different from the regular Zombie Shooter games. In this game you need to AIM on different zombies and hit them on their head to kill them and there are so many different kinds of zombies in this game. Some Zombies are poisonous, some zombies have some additional weapons. For example there is a zombie who has a gas cylinder on his back and when you will try to shoot him and he is near to you he will explode you with himself so in this case you need to be very careful and try to kill that Zombie as far as possible so that it does not hurt you in anyway. There are also some Zombie bosses in this game and you can use different strategies to put them down.

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Zombie Hunter is a game which is not like the other apocalyptic games because in this game there are so many diverse kinds of Zombies. There are some zombies who can crawl on the walls and some Zombies are poisonous and they can also attack you with different things like gas cylinders. You need to shoot all the Zombies with your weapons so that they do not attack them and you also need to protect your Shelters. You can construct new shelters for the game as well and take all the people to a safe place. During this game you also need to collect the resources so that you can live in the shelter peacefully.

Download Zombie Hunter MOD APK

As you already know that this game contains diversified zombies and they are so fierce and are not easy to kill but with the help of Zombie Hunter Mod APK you can use the one hit mode to kill the Zombies with just one Bullet. It doesn't matter whether it is any kind of Zombie, you can kill it easily and you can also collect unlimited game currency that will help you to buy different weapons from the store. This modified version will also provide you with so many different privileges.

Zombie Hunter MOD APK

Features of the Zombie Hunter

Amazing 3D Graphics

The Zombie hunter game contains amazing 3D graphics that provide you with the realistic experience of an apocalyptic world.

Shoot zombies

In this game you need to shoot the Zombies so that you do not get attacked by them. You need to shoot them at a distance so that if they have any weapons they do not affect you.

Different Kind of Zombies

In this game there are so many different kind of zombies. Some zombies can even crawl up to the walls and attack you from behind so you have to be very careful.

Various Environments

In this game you can see so many different environments and you need to overcome all the hurdles and obstacles in these environments to reach your shelter and provide all the resources to them.

Zombie Hunter MOD APK

Various Snipers to use

As you know that you have to kill zombies at a distance which means that you need to use snipers. There are diverse kinds of snipers available in this game that you can use.

Construct Shelters for yourself

In this game you need to construct Shelters for yourself so that you can hide from the Zombies there and you also need to upgrade the Shelters to protect the people inside from the attacks of the Zombies..

One hit mode

You can kill all the Zombies with just one hit. This feature has been provided to you in this modified version because some Zombies are very difficult to kill but with the help of it you can do it very easily.

Unlocked mode

All the different modes of this game are readily available to you and you can join any campaign whenever you want.

Zombie Hunter MOD APK


If you have gotten bored by fighting with the slow and lazy zombies then you should definitely go for the Zombie hunter game because in this game you will come across so many deadly zombies who also have some strategies.


Can I play Zombie Hunters with my friends?

Yes, there is a multiplayer mode available in the zombie hunter game where you can play with other players as well.

How would you customize your weapons in Zombie Hunter?

You can customize your weapons with the help of money in the Zombie hunter game.

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