GBWhatsApp APK Anti-Ban Official Download 2023 Latest Version

GBWhatsApp APK Anti-Ban Official Download 2023 Latest Version
Name GBWhatsApp Apk
Publisher AlexMods
Genre communication
MOD Features PRO
Size 50 MB
Requires 4.3 and Above
Total installs 5,000,000,000+
Rated Years Everyone
Price FREE
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Updated On March 29, 2023
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Suppose you've had enough of the standard WhatsApp. Today, we've discovered the ideal WhatsApp mod for you. We'll lead you through GBWhatsApp in this article (GB WhatsApp). It's abbreviated as GBWA, one of the most heavily modified variants of FM Whatsapp and official Whatsapp aero.

Many apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, are available on the market. WhatsApp is extremely popular owing to its capabilities, but a new WhatsApp Mod with additional features has been released. It is a terrific software with extensive functionality for users.

As we all know, WhatsApp is a popular messaging program that uses our internet traffic to allow users to exchange free text, voice, and video calls. However, there are certain limits. WhatsApp's functions are limited, so we offer an alternative called GBWhatsApp. We also maintain the download files updated, so feel free to try out different versions.

It's the first WhatsApp mod and is still being updated today. It's yet another impressively modified WhatsApp version. GBWhatsApp is similar to OGWhatsApp. However, it has a lot more features. If you want to install the GBwhatsapp apk, you don't need to delete WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp has a lot of good qualities that you may read about here.

GBWhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK has the following features:


Suppose you're tired of looking at WhatsApp's same old interface. The user interface of WhatsApp can then be customized. You can solve this problem by installing GBWhatsapp APK. You have complete control over the themes and fonts in the customization features. You can change the UI of WhatsApp by selecting and applying a piece.

Send your location

You may communicate your current location to anyone, no matter where you are. This function is helpful in a variety of situations. For example, if a friend or someone else wants to meet you but doesn't know your address, they can still meet you by utilizing the location you've supplied.

Automatic Reply.

Every one of us is tired of responding to several people. The best feature of this app is the auto-reply. To begin with, you can utilize this auto-reply option whenever you wish to respond to any of your pals.

Last Status: Freeze

The last status is a WhatsApp action that displays your most recent active status. When you are online, it shows your last seen on WhatsApp. However, many people nowadays do not want others to know when they were last seen. As a result, they want the last seen status to be frozen. So, when you are online, utilize GBWhatsapp APK to freeze the last seen and show them the old last week seen.

GBWhatsApp APK

Broadcast text messages:

A fantastic feature is the ability to send Broadcast text messages to groups. By signing this feature, you can send messages to the groups.

Filter messages:

The GB Whatsapp APK has the Filter Messages feature, which allows you to clear chat and filter your messages.

DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode

You can select this mode when you don't want to receive any voice or video calls on WhatsApp. Even when your internet connection is functioning, it does not accept any WhatsApp calls. Enable this option and continue working on the Internet.

Spectacular effects:

Users can add outstanding and distinctive effects when sending photos and videos to friends and family. These effects can increase the user's experiences.

Lock Your WhatsApp

This function is convenient for safeguarding your WhatsApp account. You can use this function to lock your WhatsApp account with a security code. To access your GBWhatsapp, create a password. You may also secure your private chat with a password.

Send More Images:

Unlike official Whatsapp, you may send more than 90 pictures at once. You may transfer a video clip with having a size of 50 MB along with an audio file of 100 MB to your contacts.

Hide and Privacy Features

Some of the privacy features are exclusive to this mod. Check them out; they're fun and valuable these days. It can hide double ticks, online status, and read messages and writing status. It also can hide the recording state.

Endless Themes:

A theme function is also overloaded to this upgraded version of GB WhatsApp. So, depending on your mode, there are many great themes and Emojis that you may put on your phone.

Support multi-accounts and languages

People become bored with the same old theme, but no worries, on GBWhatsApp, you may try out other articles and see if your local language is supported.

New GBWhatsapp themes are now available. Create and use pieces that other GBWA users can use, get free outstanding articles created by certain GBWA users, dual/multiple WhatsApp accounts, and GBWA support for various new languages.

Download Statuses:

Another excellent feature of this software is the ability to download photographs and videos from other contacts' status updates.

Contact Number will be saved automatically.

You can click links without saving the email and contact numbers on the WhatsApp group. Anyone can use this feature without any difficulty.

Unique Font:

Have you become tired of your old font? Then, using this option, you can select your preferred font. This tool allows you to personalize your favorite typeface.

Send Video and Audio clips.

The ability of MBs to limit the amount of audio or video they can share has also been increased. You can now share a 100 MB audio recording and a 50 MB video clip with anyone. Share hilarious, emotive, relatable, or any other type of video or music with others and make them feel the same way you do.

Message History:

You can easily explore the history of messages that have been nullified from your contacts and groups. It will show you all of the letters and chats in detail.

GBWhatsApp APK


I hope you enjoy the APK MOD of the official WhatsApp app. GB Whatsapp also provides the same security and plans as the official Whatsapp. As a result, if you want even more features, download WhatsApp Plus APK right now and install it on your smartphone.

It cannot be denied that the GB WhatsApp apk download is one of the best WhatsApp applications. Compared to official programs, it offers intriguing and suitable features and a variety of functions.

Nevertheless, it is only an alternate for the typical application. Its most essential feature is that it can be used with the official app, allowing us to communicate with others who use it. However, its drawbacks must be considered. The banned accounts from GBWhatsApp Download indicate that it is untrustworthy, but regular upgrades from its producers, such as XDA and HeyMods, ensure that it remains safe!

We would be thankful if you could share this extraordinary GBWhatsapp APK with your peers. You'll think it's one of the best apps with the most up-to-date features. Because it has the same validation as the original software, you won't have any privacy problems.


What is the procedure for downloading GB WhatsApp?

From this page, you can download GBWhatsApp for your mobile device. To start downloading, you are supposed to click the download button. On your device, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.

Is it possible to utilize two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone?

Yes, it's entirely up to you whether or not you wish to maintain both versions, and they have no effect on the app's operation.

Is using GB WhatsApp safe?

Unfortunately, your account may be blocked if you use GBWhatsApp on your phone. However, downloading the APK file is completely secure because it is malware-free. Make sure you get the mod from a reputable source.

Is WhatsApp in the United Kingdom banned?

The official app platforms have prohibited it since it is a modified version of the original program.

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